Starlove (Lyrics)

(my) StarLove, uoh Baby

(is)  shining  on  you,

(and)  shining  on  me, yeahh


(and) i see you cruisin, (and) I see you growin,

I wish you (´d) burn for me in a one night stand.

I need you more than anything in my life,

Hold on to Love, my first Star-Love babe.


i want you to love (me), (I´ve) got crush on you,

i wish you come on to me on a sunshine day.

I love you more than anyone in my life,

(you know:) i can´t get you out of my mind.

Yeahhs, Ohhs, Uhhs, Ahhs,..

Here is my Love for you,

Hold on to Love,

My heart will always shine on you,

You are the sunshine of my life,

The first time we´re spinning around,

I believe in what you feel,

when i feel good.

Hold on to Love, (only) for you,

(and) dance to the music, when i feel good,

I want you more than anything in my life,

move on up babe , if you wanna be my love.